Employability – The Dragon at The ‘India’ Gate – Part 1 of 3

by Helmut Eder

The term ’employability’ has gained considerable currency in the recent times in India. One of the reasons has been the ‘tectonic’ shift in the demographic patterns in India in the last few years. India is expected to have the world’s largest young population by 2025 and India will remain ‘young’ till 2065. But whether the young Indians will really be ’employable’ is a harrowing question puzzling the academicians, sociologists, administrators, policy makers, and the business houses. The focal point of this article, first in a series of three, is to deliver a preliminary appreciation of the term ’employability’ and a few associated aspects. Overall, it is necessary to register that for a variety of reasons, the learning curve and capabilities of today’s children are different from that of the children of the 80s & 90s. The learners at the undergrad and graduate level apparently want to participate in the decision-making process affecting their education and careers more than ever before and I am sure you too would agree on this. After all, India is a democratic country and democracy entails participation in the decision-making process.

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