Eric Clapton: As a Singer, Songwriter and Musician He Has Success Because He Uses The Golden Rule

by Helmut Eder

Eric Clapton as a guitarist studied his craft relentlessly. He started playing an acoustic guitar in his early teens and practiced long hours learning to play chords of Blues songs by playing along with the records. Some of the more notable groups that he played with were the Yardbirds and The Bluesbreakers. Following that he joined the band Cream and they had large commercial success selling millions of record. Eric had many interesting comments regarding the group called The Band. He stated that with them the guitar was put back into perspective as being an accompaniment in the song since the priority was the song not the instrument. Over the years he worked with so many artists such as George Harrison and The Beatles, Duane Allman, The Who’s Pete Townsend, Dr. John, Leon Russell, Stephen Stills, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters, Bob Dylan, Jeff Beck, Phil Collins, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and many others.

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