Ruckus for Understanding

by Helmut Eder

I spent time in a classrooms listening and observing. Every student used science-rich vocabulary: gills, dorsal, ventral, mantle as they dissected a squid.. When I asked, “What are those hangy-down things?” surprise crossed faces as each replied, “Tentacles, of course!” Yesterday students spent reading time generating projects for their culminating projects. Posters, drawings, research reports, and essays buzzed forth from student brains. “You know, our parents will be coming next week for our Squid Ruckus!” I asked Gail if this would be like her Bear Fair Extravaganza and she exclaimed, “Yes, but fifth graders cause a ruckus, a riotous uproar of learning and understanding.” And so the birth of the ruckus. If every teacher taught like Gail, every child would succeed beyond our wildest imaginings!

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